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Grace Ann Piano

Biomagnetic / Emotion Code Practitioner

Grace Ann Piano became a Biomagnetic Practitioner in 2014 under the direct tutelage of Dr. Issac Goiz Duran, the discoverer of the Biomagnetic Pair, becoming a member of 23,000 practitioners practicing Biomagnetics all over the world.  She has treated over 400 people and has had much success in eliminating ailments.  Her fully rounded background in Art, Teaching, Architecture and Engineering makes her both an intuitive and logical healer. Grace Ann's goal with this therapy is to heal one person at a time and change the way the world views disease and treatment.


Biomagnetic Pair Therapists, and Bioenergy Therapists are both trained exclusively by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, or Dr. David Goiz. There are over 20,000 independent certified therapists around the world. Each therapist sets his or her own fees and hours and modes of operation.


Grace Ann Piano is not a medical doctor, and is not qualified to make medical diagnoses, or to give medical advice. However, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy used as a complement to traditional medicine, or in conjunction with other systems of medicine, can greatly increase health and well-being.


Biomagnetic Pair therapy is a non-invasive, holistic technique aimed at restoring a healthy pH balance by applying permanent dual-pole magnets of medium intensity on specific points on the body. This simple technique does not require a medical license or extensive medical training.  


Grace Ann Piano biomagnetic therapy San Diego, Dr. Goiz
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