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Grace Ann Piano biomagnetic therapy San Diego, Dr. Goiz

A success story with my first COVID-19 case:

FRIDAY was my worse day. I had a sore throat, then kind of lost my voice, my head was blocked and my ears felt like they were going to explode and my body kind of ached all day. I tested positive 2 times for COVID-19 with 2 home PCR tests on Thursday, then on Friday went and had a lab test done as well and it came back positive too. On Sunday morning I received a Biomagnetic Pair Treatment from Grace Ann and then got tested 2 hours came back NEGATIVE! Thanks to this outcome, I was able to fly back home with my family on Monday. Not sure what factors were all involved but BMP therapy seemed to play a large part in eliminating the pathogens which allowed for the NEGATIVE result. Thank you Grace Ann!

"After being extremely weak for a year due to Hepatitis A and a damaged immune system, I feel 3 treatments with Grace Ann got me working and surfing again and my energy came back from the lowest place I've ever experienced.  Thanks so much for helping me through this,  Relaxing, professional and a good vibe is what I experienced with Grace Ann.  Anybody wondering  out there if Biomagnetic Pair Therapy works, it truly worked for me."

"I came to see you to see if you could do anything about skin cancer. You should know, I got the last stitches out, and there were no new biopsies performed. So, it looks like I'm cancer free!  I'm grateful for the treatment.  First of all, I was surprised by how many of my pre-existing health conditions you were able to discover and diagnose without my telling you I had them. That was really quite amazing to me. I found the treatment itself to be pleasant and relaxing, and I felt cared for at all times. What was really interesting to me was the amount of energy present and flowing through my body for several hours after the treatment. I was definitely energized and renewed. But at the same time, my body seemed to be releasing something. I went home and slept very restfully for several hours. I have felt really very good ever since, and recommend this treatment to any one who has an interest in it. I felt it was a healing experience. Thanks so much."









"Hi Grace!!  Benny is doing amazing!!!  We got follow up xrays about 2 weeks ago and his bone is healing!!!"


Treated with Rick Simpson Oil

(internally and externally) and 1 treatment of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.  Diagnosed with Osteoscarcoma (Bone Cancer). Prognosis 2-4 months untreated; 1-2 years treated with Chemotherapy.

Thanks - my heart is opening, my energy is rising more rather than constricting downwards.  I am also seeing more energy - blue/purple/green light.  Thoughts / emotions don't linger as much.  I feel 'space' where I am placing the magnets.  Breath comes easier.  Digestion is going faster (besides that one spot).  My physical movement is lighter, more fluid.  All sorts of cool stuff!

"As for our last treatment, I have felt great! Very open and in tune! That emotional spot really got rid of some pent up emotions. Thank you!"



"I had never heard of biomagnetic therapy, until I talked to Grace Ann, and since I trust Grace Ann I decided to give it a try. After Grace Ann did an evaluation using the magnets, she placed the magnets in the appropriate spots according to the “Readings”. I ended up with a lot of magnets in the area of my head, which makes sense because I have aural migraines, a corneal injury (healed but always present), tinnitus in my left ear, and a meningioma (with no symptoms) . The results were subtle but perhaps encouraging. I have been clear of any aural migraines since the treatment and feel like I have a bit more energy than I have had for a while. The tinnitus, so far is just as loud and annoying as ever. Let's book another treatment! Thanks very much Grace Ann."

"I have been struggling with high blood pressure for over 4 1/2 years now.  It takes me in and out of the emergency room with severe hedaches.  So, I decided to try Healing with Grace and Biomagnetic Therapy... which has changed my life.  I have now seen a decrease in my blood pressure measurements in just 2 treatments.  My blood pressure is stable at 128/90 now - I could never get it lower than 156/110  with diet, exercise and medication changes.  This therapy has helped and  I will continue to stablize my blood pressure with Biomagnetic Treatments."

"Got an amazing amount of work done today with the most calming energy.  I feel centered.  The pain in my ovary is gone.  I feel like I have had a few glasses of wine."

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